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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Normally, overalls are difficult to use the toilet, but how can I use them?
A: The overalls have a zipper that opens wide around the waist, so you can use the toilet without taking off the overalls. There is also a zipper on the front that opens to the crotch.
Q2: Are hooded overalls MOVESME separated for men and women?
A: MOVES ME is unisex. Please finish with your favorite styling.
Q3: How many colors are there in the hooded overalls MOVESME?
A: The overall body is available in two colors, khaki and black. The multifunctional salon and external pouch are black only.
The external pockets of each set are the same color as the overall body.
You can choose the color of the additional external pockets (large and small).

Q4: Is MOVESME a domestic product?
A: Yes. It is manufactured at our own factory (Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture) of M's Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture), which plans, manufactures, and sells MOVESME.
Q5: Please tell us about the size development of MOVES ME.
A: SS, S, M, L, 2L, 3L are available, and are intended for people with a height of approximately 150 cm to 186 cm.

Q6: Can I purchase at the additional multifunction salon alone?
A: You can purchase it, but some functions cannot be used unless it is specified together with the hooded overall MOVESME body.

Q7: I would like to wear it with my family. Is there a product for children?
A: MOVES ME is intended for people over 150 cm tall this time. We will consider it according to future requests.

Q8: Is there anything I should be careful about when washing?
A: Put it in the net and wash it with a gentle stream of water up to 40 ℃. Do not tumble dry, shape and hang in the shade. As it is a dark color, please wash it separately from other clothes. Also, since plastic parts such as buckles are used, there is a risk of damaging other clothing. Please wash alone.

Q9: Is it okay to iron?
A: Please use a cloth with a low temperature iron.

Q10: There are flaps on the shins of both feet. Is this a pocket?
A: No, the shin flap is not a pocket, but a space to store the belt around the sole of the foot. This belt is used when lifting objects using the multifunction salon. It is usually easier to move if the belt is stored in the flap.

Q11: Is there a pocket on the front of the overalls?
A: No, MOVESME does not have chest pockets on the front of the overalls. This is to prevent the other person from being hurt as much as possible even if you hug an important person in the event of a disaster. Please use the hip pocket, external pouch, external pocket, etc. for storage.

Q12: It's a small point, but I noticed that the width of the belt is different between the top and bottom of the chest buckle. What is this for?
A: The lower belt on the chest buckle is 25mm, which is thinner than the upper belt (38mm). This is to make it easier for the wearer to match his body shape and styling by moving the buckle from side to side as much as possible.

Q13: Why is the hood reversible?
A: In an emergency, turning the hood yellow will improve visibility from a distance. Please replace the fasteners after ensuring a non-hazardous environment.
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