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Features of MOVESME / 10


Wear is a single action that overall style


With custom free external pocketsPouch


Hidden back pocket for valuables,
hip pocket


Careful sewing and production by domestic factories


Multi-functional salon that can be used in 8 ways

アンカー 1
1. Overall style that can be worn with one action and makes the most of individuality 
The front zipper opens wide and there are no sleeves, so you can wear it immediately with one action.
Specifications that allow you to go to play immediately and respond easily even in the event of a disaster.
By being accustomed to wearing it, you can prepare for an emergency without rushing.
You can also appeal the style of the person wearing it with a combination of inner and outerwear.
アンカー 2
2. The material is water-repellent, has good color, and is tough Cordura®.
Cordura®️ is a fiber with extremely high strength and durability compared to ordinary nylon, and is a registered trademark of INVISTA.
Cordura®, a durable material used in high-performance clothing, tools and workwear.
Today, it is used in a variety of products, from clothing and tools that require even greater durability to everyday wear.
At MOVESME, we paid attention to the good coloring of this material and adopted it.
The material that can withstand tough conditions supports your reflexive movement.
* Cordura®️ is a registered trademark of INVISTA.
アンカー 3
3. Detachable reversible style hood
Normal mode
Hazard mode
Rotating puller
Magic tape
Retroreflective tape
String and adjuster
The normal mode surface has a water-repellent effect (* not completely waterproof), so it is okay if it rains a little. The hood is designed to be deep, so if you wear it deeply even in an evacuation center, you won't notice it. Hazard mode yellow is said to be the most visible on asphalt roads and is easy for car drivers to see even at night. This yellow is also applied to the inner of the upper body, further enhancing visibility casually. It also has a retroreflective tape that reflects on the headlights. You can adjust the size of the front with the attached string, or you can remove it completely when you don't need it. This hoodie style, which also has a small face effect, is one of the greatest features of MOVES ME.
アンカー 4
4. Custom free external pocket and pouch
Emergency items here
MOVES ME has a removable pouch with a gusset. It can be attached to a total of 6 places on the hips and feet.
Velcro specifications to prevent shaking on both sides where shaking is large.The inside is yellow, which makes it easy to find stored items. Retroreflective tape is attached to the outer circumference.​​ Packing items that were previously in evacuation bags in these pockets will reduce the amount of luggage you carry on your back and will allow you to carry your children and the elderly on your back. Of course, you can also store tools and accessories used for leisure and work. You can also put it all through a belt and wrap it around your waist.
アンカー 5
5. Hip open for safe restroom
Zipper around the waist
Open like this
The area around the buttocks opens
​It is possible to use the toilet cleanly
Some people may find it difficult to use overalls in the bathroom.
MOVESME has a hip-open zipper, so both men and women can use the toilet comfortably.
YKK fasteners have a maximum stretch of about 10%,​ It can be opened wider than a normal fastener.
アンカー 6
6. Hidden back pocket for valuables and hip pocket with zipper
Hidden pocket on the inside of the back
Zippered hip pocket
A hidden pocket inside the back where you can safely store valuables such as passbooks and passports on the go or in an evacuation area.
With MOVESME, you can greatly reduce the risk of loss or theft even at bedtime.
The zipper used in this pocket is a thin type made by YKK, and it is less likely to interfere with the skin when sleeping than a normal zipper.
The hip pocket also has a zipper, which makes it difficult for the stored items to fall off even when running or working.
アンカー 7
7. Size adjustment / chest belt, hem belt, waist belt loop
Chest buckle
​Belt adjustment
The buckle on the chest can be removed
Velcro at the hem
Slim silhouette
Waist belt loop
It is important to adjust the size when wearing it. The buckles and adjusters of MOVESME are all made by YKK.
Adjust the belt by pulling the square can for the chest adjuster.
If you want a slim silhouette at the hem, tighten the belt and​ If you want a loose silhouette, you can roll it up.
アンカー 8
Flat feeling of the front body
Flat feeling on the back
Waist belt and retroreflective tape
Neck loop (small mobile solar panel here)
Back pocket
The front zipper can be fully opened
Pockets for whistle (attached to both sides)
Knee pad
MOVESME is a gear that can be stored and moved with as little backpack as possible, because you need to be free when you sometimes have to carry a loved one.
Also, there are no external pockets on the front of MOVESME. This is also when you hug an important person​ I thought it was better to eliminate the obstacles.​
MOVESME has a feeling of protecting loved ones as well as ingenuity to protect yourself, such as retroreflective tape, whistle to ask for help and signal, and knee pad.
8. Human-friendly ingenuity / other convenient specifications
アンカー 9
9. Careful sewing and manufacturing by domestic factories
MOVESME is not only produced in Japan, but also sewn and manufactured at domestic factories such as M's Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) (Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture), which plans and sells MOVESME. increase.
MOVESME is made with reliable technology, careful process, and thorough quality control.
アンカー 10
​Used on the front
Used on the back
For a simple backpack
Tighten things​ Carry on both shoulders
Attached to a car seat
Large pocket with gusset on the front side
Shoulder bag style
Tighten things into a hip bag
You can sit on this even on dirty or wet ground
Large pocket without gusset on the back
* Not included in the minimum set
10. Multi-functional salon that can be used in 8 ways
You will surely find other ways to use it, and MOVESME has an unprecedented multi-functional salon that can be used roughly.This salon can also be used for camping, BBQ, DIY, driving, etc.
We have adopted Cordura® 1680, which is even stronger than the main body of MOVES ME.
This salon, which can be applied to both hobbies and work, has a large pocket for waterproofing. Depending on your ideas, you should be able to use it in many ways.

* Cordura®️ is a registered trademark of INVISTA.
In addition, you can do this in combination with MOVESME itself! (Patent pending)
To lift or move heavy objects once or twice on a daily basis, the normal salon usage described above should be fine.
However, when carrying sandbags and stones as a countermeasure against typhoons, or removing debris after a disaster, it may take
dozens of round trips, especially when working in an environment with poor feet, to the waist, arms, and grip strength. The burden on you will be very large.
Please use this function in such a case.
MOVESME's belt structure distributes the strain on the arms and hips to the larger muscles such as the shoulders, back muscles, and legs, making it easier to carry heavy objects (up to approximately 20 kg) even in adverse conditions.
Please use this function of MOVESME when you have to carry soil and compost used for gardening and farming, blocks and gravel used for DIY many times even in daily life.




Attached sole belt​ Pass it through the soles of your feet
Attach the sole belt to the adjuster on the side of the foot
Spread the salon on the ground




Attached short belt​ Pass through the edge of the salon
The second short belt​ Thread through the opposite end
Thread the end through the loop of each short belt




Connect short belt and long belt with adjuster
Thread the end of the long belt through the chest can
Pass it through the corner can of the shoulder


11 11


Please also pass it through the waist belt
Remove the buckle on the upper side of the foot and
Thread the end of the long belt and close the buckle




Bend your knees and straighten your upper body so you don't bend your hips
As you extend your knees, you can see that gravity is dispersed on the soles and shoulders.
Before putting anything on the salon, adjust the length with the adjuster and adjust the length of the belt to fit this posture.
It takes time (about 3 minutes) to set and adjust the length of the belt at first, but it will get used to it after setting it several times, so it is recommended to use it on a regular basis.
1. When you lift an object, keep it in balance and use it for a heavy object (less than 20 kg) that matches your physical strength.
2. Be sure to make preparations such as setting the belt and salon in a safe place.
3. Do not lift people or animals.
4. Please refrain from using this product if you have any pain or abnormality in your body such as your lower back, knees or arms.
5. If you feel any abnormalities in your body, discontinue use.
6. If the product is damaged, discontinue use.

7. If heavy objects such as feet or knees are likely to hit, use a commercially available protector or supporter, or discontinue use.
8. Do not disassemble or modify this product.
9. Do not use for any purpose other than its intended purpose.
10. Do not use near fire.
11. Each person has a different skeleton and may hit the shoulders, collarbones, etc. and hurt. If you feel pain, discontinue use.
12. When lifting heavy objects, practice with nothing on them at first, then gradually try from light to heavy.
13. Do not bend your hips, but bend your knees to stretch your body.

14. Please refrain from using this product if you are pregnant.
15. When using, make sure that there are no obstacles or people around.
16. You may get injured if you lift it vigorously. Lift it at a moderate speed depending on the weight.
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