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The stylish hooded multifunctional overalls first appeared in 2021. Developed with physical strength in mind, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, flood countermeasures, restoration, and volunteer activities. For outdoor activities such as camping, light work such as DIY, and everyday fashion. Universal design techwear with a reversible hood, customizable external pouches and pockets, and a multifunctional salon suitable for hard work. Convenient and fashionable disaster prevention & outdoor fashion.
* The above video includes images related to disasters such as tsunami. You may feel stress, so please watch at your own discretion.


Can be used for both hobbies and emergencies
Stylish and functional
Hooded overalls.
A tough and well-colored material
Uses Cordura®.

* Cordura®️ is a registered trademark of INVISTA.

Increased visibility in an emergency
Reversible hood,
Customizable external pocket,
Comes with a multifunctional salon
Universal design.

* Multi-function salon is not included in the minimum set



Great East Japan Earthquake, etc.
Extract opinions from the disaster experience.
By being accustomed to wearing it
Can respond to disasters
Advocate lifestyle.


The hood is removable and reversible.
Yellow will improve visibility in an emergency.
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Why MOVESME is overall

The front part opens wide and you can wear it immediately even from the top of your pajamas.
By wearing evacuation equipment around the waist, you can make your loved ones
​ You can carry it on your back.
If you set the optional salon (waist-wrapping apron), you can easily lift a heavy object of about 20 kg.
Backpacks are convenient, but
When evacuating, take care of your loved ones
​ I can't carry it on my back.
By wearing evacuation equipment around the waist, you can make your loved ones
​ You can carry it on your back.
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Achieving both everyday enjoyment and strength in the event of a disaster
New concept hooded overalls, MOVESME

The moment you push yourself is not always without hesitation.
A moment of confusion can miss a chance right after.
But how many people are always confident that they don't have to hesitate.

Human ancestors have traveled tremendous distances in the wind, drifting in the ocean currents, and using their bodies.
At times, he would have been overwhelmed by the threat of nature, unable to help his dear friends, and faced with unforeseen circumstances.
Yet our ancestors, often desperate but courageous, have gone through all sorts of difficulties.

What can we, our descendants, pass on to future generations?

We are born in this world and are working hard every day to enjoy the time to pass. But very few people live with a realistic imagination that unpredictable adversity may be imminent.
Even if you enjoy your daily life, you don't assume an emergency, and a vague definition and strange optimism are mixed, and sometimes you are afraid or forget about it.

I want you to remember here.
The current situation is that people are calling for a new lifestyle, but originally human beings had to live with natural disasters for a long time.
I think it's time to think about the "fulfilling daily life" that unknowingly back-to-back and the "difficulty in the event of a disaster" that can occur anywhere in the world.

Whether it's precious time you want to enjoy to the fullest or reach out to your loved ones in the event of a disaster, you always want to live up to the urge to believe that you are right.
And never miss that moment.

MOVE SME is a new gear that embodies such feelings.
To you who run at full power at any time.

More energy for your urge.
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Features of MOVESME



The front isBecause it opens wide with a zipper
Can be worn quickly
Light but tough and water repellent.
Weight is about 1 to 1,3 kg.
Uses Cordura®️.


The hem can be squeezed so it is easier to move


Customizable with pouch or pocket